Blog Development

Running a business in the 21st century? Then you’ve gotta have a blog.

Blogs serve two purposes:

  1. Create a value and a personal connection with your customers (potential and current).
  2. Get your business to rank in search engines.

Blog Development and Your Audience

First, your website must have quality content that encourages visitors to find out your business, build trust with your brand, and entices them to share your blog on social media. The more engaging and frequently posted your blogs are, the more your business is recognized as a trusted authority in your industry. Blog content educates visitors about your expertise, positioning you as a prominent thought leader in your industry.

Simultaneously, curious prospects become bonafide leads through your blogging efforts. This leads to exponential growth as your blogs are shared and recommended–more so than just simply crafting a website and hoping someone finds it.

Blog Development and Search Engine Ranking

Got great content that people want to read and share? That’s only part of the picture.

The technical quality of your blog posts moves your business higher in the page rankings on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so forth. This is a crucial part of blog development known as SEO, or search engine optimization. By including popular keywords, relevant phrases, and the proper post length ensures that search engines can find your website amid the sea of your competitors.

As a writer and an SEO expert, Tom stays on top of the newest changes to ever-change search algorithms and white hat best-practices. Consistently fresh and optimized web content alerts signals to crawlers that your site is vital and relevant, not stale and outdated. Additionally, your business needs a blog writer who understands how to avoid internet blacklisting practices, like cloaking and keyword-stuffing, and instead writes original SEO content for your target audience.

* * *

As a blog writer, Tom assists business owners around the country with their blog content development and marketing.  Tom works with clients to:

  • determine optimal site layouts,
  • generate an engaging and consistent content schedule,
  • automate the blogging and marketing process, and
  • forecast possible social strategies.

Throughout his freelancing career, Tom has specialized in crafting high-impact blog content for some of the following industries:

  • financial professionals
  • public speakers
  • humorists/comedians
  • fitness gurus
  • tech startups
  • product marketing
  • real estate
  • relationship advice
  • engineering
  • retail
  • location-specific products and services
  • investing
  • mobile apps
  • personal development
  • community-building

Remember, it’s more than just a blog. Contact Tom today to begin developing your blog!